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Ep. 36 – Dr. Noah DeKoyer: Longevity & Healthy Aging

Increasing Your Healthspan   Click Below to Help Co-create This Film Series What You’ll Hear In This Episode on Longevity 02:50    What prompted Noah to get into the Chiropractic model of health 07:45    The connection between the brain,...
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Ep. 35 – Dr. Jeff Raber: Cleaning Up the Cannabis Industry

The Green Revolution   What You’ll Hear In This Episode 02:40    Why Dr. Raber became interested in Cannabis research 06:10    What goes on at The Werk Shop, Dr. Raber’s testing facility 08:30    Defining & differentiating Cannabis,...
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Ep. 31 – Travis Chistofferson: Ketosis, Hyperbaric Oxygen, & Cancer Therapy

Cancer Therapy & the Metabolic Theory   What You’ll Hear In This Episode 00:45     The short definition of what cancer is and its primary defining characteristic 01:30     Why Travis wrote the book, “Tripping Over the Truth: The Metabolic...
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Ep.30 – Dr. Martha Herbert: Using Nature, Lasers, & Magnets to Enhance Brain Function

Bodywork, Technology, & A Systemic Approach to Build Brain Resilience   What You’ll Hear In This Episode 03:40     Can getting into nature & simple bodywork improve autistic behavior? 07:20     The Documenting Hope Project’s big mission...
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Mercury Myth: A Fish Tale Of Epic Proportion

We all know about the risks of eating seafood with regard to mercury. We’ve been told by friends, doctors, and our government agencies that seafood can pose a significant health risk, particularly to pregnant and nursing mothers and their children....
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Ep.27 – Alex Charfen: Creating Success Through Momentum & Contribution Pt.2

The Entrepreneurial Personality Type     What You’ll Hear In This Episode 01:40     Starting over from square 1 on a path to recover his health 05:20     Why focusing on breathing improves health & business success 08:00     How...
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