Ep. 37 – Dr. Thomas Cowan: Secrets of the Human Heart

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart   What You’ll Hear In This Episode 02:15    Why Dr. Cowan got into medicine despite his early lack of respect for doctors 07:25    A skeptic’s approach to learning and discovery in science & medicine 09:15 ...
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Ep. 36 – Dr. Noah DeKoyer: Longevity & Healthy Aging

Increasing Your Healthspan   Click Below to Help Co-create This Film Series What You’ll Hear In This Episode on Longevity 02:50    What prompted Noah to get into the Chiropractic model of health 07:45    The connection between the brain,...
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Ep.28 – Dr. Josh Lamaro: Uncovering the Body’s Hidden Supercomputer

Osteopathy, Fascia, Tensegrity, & the Body’s Supercomputer   What You’ll Hear In This Episode 01:55     What is Osteopathy 03:30     The difference between chiropractic & osteopathic principles 07:10     What role the fascia...
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