Ep. 37 – Dr. Thomas Cowan: Secrets of the Human Heart

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart


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What You’ll Hear In This Episode

02:15    Why Dr. Cowan got into medicine despite his early lack of respect for doctors
07:25    A skeptic’s approach to learning and discovery in science & medicine
09:15    Anthroposophy, Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics, Waldorf Schools & astrophysics
13:45    What our scientific view of the cosmos & philosophy of life has to do with cardiovascular disease
17:30    Why we need to know our place in the grand scheme of things
18:00    Fascinating numeric correlations between cosmology, biology, nature, & music
19:45    What Gerald Pollack’s “4th phase of water” has to do with how the human heart functions
21:56    The heart doesn’t pump blood and where the motive force comes from in the capillaries
24:40    How a motor can be created with water and its natural movement in biology & nature
28:45    How the 4th phase of water (exclusion zone) protects blood vessels
31:45    Why the body compensates by narrowing blood vessels
34:10    The standard medical model with respect to shape, function, and purpose
35:45    How the shape of the heart works to create a vortex and vacuum
40:45    Why the body would benefit from the heart creating a vortex
43:35    The potential connection between the heart, gold, and vortices
44:45    The cultural limitation of modern scientific thinking
48:30    Where cardiovascular disease really comes from and who doesn’t get it
51:30    The role of the autonomic nervous system & physiology of cardiovascular disease
53:35    Evidence of personality changes occurring after heart transplants
57:35    The curious role of hallucinogenics, MDMA, & plant medicines with respect to the heart
56:25    Does water have a memory?
60:15    Improving the diet through increasing the variety of vegetables we eat

Resource Links

Book: “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” by Thomas Cowan

Dr. Cowan’s Organic Vegetable Powders

Book: “The Heart’s Code” by Paul Pearsall

Helical Model of Orbit

Website: Frank Chester

The Five Platonic Solids

Video: Sacred Geometry & the Chestahedron

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