Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity


Individuals with gluten sensitivity can be sensitive to a number of other dietary proteins from wide variety of non-gluten containing foods.

When the immune system comes in contact with a food antigen, it will usually produce antibodies specific to that food antigen. However, in the case of complex food antigens, the immune system may invoke multiple immune reactions, thereby creating a cross-reactive immune response to food antigens other than gluten.

Cross-reactivity can be described as an immune response to an antigen (rice or whey protein, for example) where the antibody was originally produced against a different, but similar antigen (gluten, for example). If cross-reactive immune responses are present, they must be identified and addressed with necessary dietary changes in order to quiet the immune response and lower inflammation. Otherwise, symptoms and damage may persist, despite the removal of gluten, perhaps setting the stage for autoimmunity.

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