Wheat & Gluten Reactivity & Autoimmunity Test


70% of those with gluten sensitivity have immune reactions against the brain, not the gastrointestinal system.

Although there are many testing methods for determining gluten sensitivity, most are unreliable in their accuracy. When it comes to conventional blood and saliva tests, typically only alpha-gliadin is tested, despite there being 11 other subfractions of gliadin. In addition to gliadin and its 12 sub-fractions, there are a number of other components that make up the antigens found in gluten and wheat. These include glutenin, opioid peptides, and lectin. If you are sensitive to any of these compounds or any of the other 11 subfractions of alpha-gliadin, most tests would not indicate such.

Researchers have proven that 50% of those with gluten sensitivity have no reaction against the one protein being assessed in conventional tests.

This comprehensive and proprietary test performed by Cyrex Labs is the gold standard for gluten sensitivity and autoimmunity. In addition to the antigens listed above, this test also measures antibodies to multiple transglutaminases to capture those patients whose gluten reactivity manifests as skin disorders or neurological complaints.

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